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What We Bring to your Business...

If you have recently joined a group offering leasing to buy, rent to own, or other similar products’ knowledge, we are the partners to help you accurately qualify your buyers! Knowing how to sell lease options is so important; successfully executing the agreement solidifies the deal and ensures a glowing testimonial from the client.

This industry is a great resource for those buyers not yet ready for the formality of a mortgage. We are giving them the tools to improve their financial standing while buying the home at the same time! With that said, there is always concern when investing a significant amount of money in this manner.

Let us be your industry partner, assuring your clients and sellers, alike, that the deal is solid and will successfully close at the end of the lease term. This industry is built on reputation and it’s our goal to make you the hero in every transaction!

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Thoroughly qualifying the client.


Guidance on all work needed for qualification.

follow up

Constant follow up by our representatives. No client left behind.

time to close

Licensed mortgage professionals ready to close the deal.


Many clients want the desired result but are unsure how to get to the finish line. Agents that do not utilize our services are tasked with the work of developing this game plan and making sure their client implements the steps, taking a lot of time away from other business tasks.

We consult with the client on credit, financial history, budgeting and any factors observed that might result in difficulty qualifying for a mortgage. We address the areas of concern and provide the solutions for the client. We establish this game plan for the client and provide follow up to ensure completion.

The client is not approved for Leasing to Buy until they agree to implement the recommended steps. This process ensures reliability in all your deals and takes all follow up off your plate.


Our credit repair products are custom tailored to the client, their finances and time-frame. 

We broker these services direct to the provider and accompany the client throughout the process. This ensures a client is never left in credit repair unnecessarily.

All products are reasonably priced and free from contract terms. We are there to answer questions and provide clarification.

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You can get back to working with more buyers and/or securing additional inventory! We’ll take it from here.

The client receives consistent follow up and works with us to ensure all steps are taken. You receive periodic updates but no-news-is-good-news at this point.


We move on to closing the transaction. The client is now ready and can obtain a mortgage! We are licensed mortgage professionals so the client has already provided the information we need and the process is seamless.

We reach out with any questions or documentation needs, but generally, your job is done and this is just another happy client!


We automatically request testimonials for both the agent and ourselves. We want to hear how the client felt going through this process and about the end result.

Any room for improvement will be communicated to you directly.